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Showcasing Artisan Jewelry

Showcasing Artisan Jewelry

Showcasing Artisan JewelryShowcasing Artisan JewelryShowcasing Artisan Jewelry

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About Us

Hand-made jewelry respecting the rarity and beauty of natural stones.

Michael collects unusual stones and using diamond lapidary equipment, cuts unique gemstones.  He then creates a precious metal setting to artistically  present each unique gemstone to complete individual pieces of wearable art.

Mixing passion with experience

Childhood time spent with his Grandfather hunting and digging rocks sparked in Michael an interest in beautiful and unusual stones.  This evolved into a passion for using these gems in creating jewelry that has for him endured for half a century.  And that passion still brightly burns. 

An ever changing array of pieces

Constantly discovering new stones to cut, revealing exciting colors and patterns, Michael is inspired to explore new designs and to play with the interplay between the stones and the precious metal and the wearer.

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